Space Management

Don’t just count every space, make every space count.

Imagine managing every space in every building in your portfolio – without leaving your computer. The Space Management Module from FM:Systems can help you do just that. Designed to give facility professionals, department liaisons and executive management complete visibility into space and occupancy, the Space Management Module keeps your real-time information in one centralized location, no matter how large your portfolio. Then you can make every space count. With accurate data at your fingertips, you can begin to strategically manage your space and deliver real business value to your organization.


Reduce occupancy costs across your entire portfolio
  • Identify and reduce vacancy
  • Manage occupant density
Make the most of your existing space
  • Find and re-purpose vacant space
  • Avoid new construction or leases
Produce easy and accurate space chargeback reports
  • Collaborate with departmental liaisons to maintain accurate occupancy data
  • Automatically calculate rentable area based on assigned space


Manage your space inventory
  • Keep real-time and accurate inventory of space and occupancy across buildings and work spaces
  • Define, assign and manage all work, support and circulation spaces
  • Quickly run numerous reports from information tracked in the system, including available space and occupancy
Allocate space to departments
  • Automatically prorate shared spaces and circulation
  • Assign chargeback rates by market, building or space type
Manage occupancy
  • Integrate with HR systems to keep occupant data up-to-date
  • Assign space and assets to individuals, a group or multiple groups
Publish space and occupancy information on your internal intranet or the Internet
  • Securely share information on space, occupants and allocations
  • View real-time data on floor plans in a browser

Reliable, Real-time Facilities Data — all in One Location

The Space Management Module of FM:Interact is a comprehensive system for centralizing and storing real-time information about the buildings and space you manage along with the groups and people that occupy them. The CAD and BIM integration features take spatial information directly from drawings or BIM models so you always have real-time data.

And because FM:Interact easily integrates with other systems already in use in your organization, such as your HR database, occupancy information is quickly updated too. This dramatically reduces the efforts needed to manually pull it from spreadsheets while greatly increasing data accuracy. The FM:Interact floor plan viewer makes it easy to view and share this information in a Web-browser, enabling you to get an overall look into your entire portfolio and giving access to critical facilities data enterprise-wide. So the next time your executive team needs space and occupancy reports for a meeting in ten minutes – you have all the tools you need right in front of you to get it to them.

Information typically tracked with the Space Management Module includes:

  • Gross, rentable, usable, and assignable areas by space, floor, building and site
  • Space types
  • Space standards
  • Building codes
  • Building addresses
  • Employee contact and location information

Having access to real-time facts and figures about your facilities enables you to compare floors and buildings by key metrics, find space inefficiencies and confidently make critical portfolio decisions. Centralizing the information makes it easy to maintain with quick access for everyone that needs it.

Manage Space Allocation and Chargebacks

FM:Interact enables you to split individual spaces across multiple groups to get a more detailed view of space use for shared common areas. Also, the system automatically prorates these areas, like conference rooms and secondary circulation, for chargebacks, eliminating the manual calculation of rentable space which greatly improves report accuracy and reduces the burden of preparing chargeback reports.

Track all Employees and Accurately Assign Workspace

The robust search capabilities make this an ideal employee look-up system. Workers may also be directly linked to the specific space they inhabit, enabling accurate occupancy reporting. And because it’s so important to assign the appropriate amount of work space based on job level, you can categorize space based on job codes. This helps improve forecasting and ensures everyone has the room they need to perform their appropriate job function.

Manage Your Portfolio Enterprise-Wide

Maintain and manage your portfolio across multiple spaces, buildings and locations – no matter where you are. You can also grant access to appropriately share information with the executives, facilities professionals and departmental liaisons that need it. Gaining more visibility into your space portfolio decreases costs, improves customer service and increases workplace productivity for your entire organization.

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