BIM for the Building Lifecycle

Stay Connected

FM:Systems BIM integration enables AEC and Facilities Professionals to connect Autodesk® Revit® models to a Cloud-based system to help them manage space, plan maintenance and more. FM:Interacts BIM for the Building Lifecycle integration maintains a live integration between the building models and the system, allowing AEC and FM professionals to share information during design, construction and throughout the building lifecycle.

Eliminate Information Loss

There are many phases in the life of a building, each with its own set of managers, requirements and data. Inevitably crucial information is lost with every hand-off—wasting time and money and leaving much room for error.

Maintain Your Model in Every Phase

FM:Interact’s Revit Integration helps you eliminate information loss and leverage the data in BIM models to improve communication and collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors and facility managers as a building evolves. This provides an opportunity to share building information during initial design and construction, building operations, and renovation or retrofit projects which means you can leverage your AEC models throughout a buildings life-cycle.

Revit Floor Plan in FM:Interact

Revit Floor Plan in FM:Interact

Revit Model in FM:Interact

Revit Model in FM:Interact

Revit Model Data in FM:Interact

Revit Model Data in FM:Interact

Bi-directional Revit Integration

FM:Systems BIM integration provides a live bi-directional link between Autodesk Revit models and the FM:Interact Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) which helps AEC and facilities professionals manage space, assets, maintenance and more throughout the building lifecycle.


  • Improve collaboration by sharing  your Autodesk Revit plans and data bi-directionally with anyone within your organization via a secure cloud-based interface
  • Take advantage of your investment in BIM during the AEC process by utilizing your Revit model and it’s rich data throughout the building lifecycle
  • Maintain the accuracy and integrity of your BIM model directly within Autodesk Revit while providing the ability to access and update model data through a web-browser or mobile interface


  • Quickly and easily register your drawings with the FM:Interact database and utilize tools directly within Revit to synchronize rooms, areas and Revit family data
  • Maintain live bi-directional links between your Revit models and your facilities data including space, assets, equipment data and more
  • Publish your drawings to FM:Interact so that users with little or no BIM experience can access and utilize your Revit floor plans in their daily facility workflows

Support for Autodesk® A360 Viewer

FM:Interact’s BIM integration in the cloud with the new Autodesk® A360 Model Viewer allows our customers to take greater advantage of their Revit models for operations. A360 not only streams the entire building model quickly to PC Web browsers and Apple iOS and Android devices, it also includes the data associated with the building elements in a way that end users can easily select building components in the browser interface to see real-time information about the item they are selecting.