Introducing FM:Interact 8.3

FM:Interact version 8.3 offers a variety of new features and capabilities that will allow organizations to rapidly respond to changing requirements across their entire real estate portfolio.

Hoteling Floor Plan View Hoteling Floor Plan View
BIM Asset Enhancements BIM Asset Enhancements
Color coded list Color coded list

Space Reservations Module


The FM:Interact Hoteling capability enables organizations to provide a method for allowing employees to reserve work space on an as-needed rather than a traditional constantly reserved basis. This can help to reduce the amount of physical space that an enterprise needs, helping to lower overhead costs while ensuring that every worker can access office resources when necessary. With the hoteling module, users can:
  • Improve use of flex space by scheduling and tracking usage
  • Display, track and manage room information in the space management module
  • Locate and book available hotel space by selecting from a list of spaces or identifying visually on a floor plan
  • Lower overhead costs by utilizing excess space inventory
  • Increase employee collaboration and satisfaction

BIM Asset Enhancements

The new BIM asset enhancements enables users to map attributes to an asset even if the category does not exist in the FM:Interact catalog. This allows users to reuse maps across Revit models rather than recreating them for each model. With the new asset enhancements, users can:
  • Sync an unlimited number of asset attributes between Revit and FM:Interact
  • Speed up configuration of multiple models that use the same assets and properties
  • Map new categories to assets

Color coding

Color coding enhancements provide a simple yet robust user interface for creating queries. Users can add query-based color codes to any view in FM:Interact, enabling them to easily differentiate between data views.

Data view performance enhancements

FM:Interact 8.3 has an enhanced data grid look and feel throughout all views. Significantly speedier response times will allow users to access data faster than ever before.

Export data grid contents

Users now have the ability to export the contents of any data grid into a variety of file formats such as Excel, CSV, DOC, and PDF. In just a few simple clicks administrators can view which data grid contents have been exported.

Add documents to email messages

Users now have the ability to add documents to email notification messages. This can include image files, PDFs, and space reservation formatted files for email servers (.ics files). For email messages sent about reservations, attached documents will enable recipients to automatically add the reservation (in the .ics file) to their calendars as long as the email client supports imported .ics files.

Display the contents of the first tab above the rest

Users now have the ability to display the contents of the first tab above the rest of the tabset allowing it to always be viewable. The administrator simply selects the checkbox to display first tab contents above tab set. The user then sees that tab’s contents at all times, regardless of what other tab in the Details Panel is selected.

Additionally, new features include:

  • New FM:Interact data types for FM:Interact that allow administrators to add hyperlinks, images, and date time range fields into tables and views
  • Conditional read-only/conditional required fields that enable administrators to specify conditions under which a field will be read only or required
  • Room selection for employees that allows users to select which room details they want to view if an employee is assigned to multiple rooms
  • System information enhancements that will enable Technical Support team to troubleshoot issues more efficiently
  • Spatial hierarchy enhancements now allow administrators to create additional, more general layers of geographical information than sites, building, and floors (e.g., continent, country, region, etc) that provide customizable filters
  • SAML enhancements—FM:Interact now supports SAML 2.0 IDP/SPI