Introducing FM:Interact 8.2

Introducing FM:Interact 8.2, which offers a compelling set of new tools for facilities professionals helping them to better plan, optimize and manage their facilities. New Capabilities Include:

FM:Interact Scenario Planning

The FM:Interact 8.2 Strategic Planning module now has scenario planning capabilities which allow users to proactively plan for and manage change in their physical space inventory. The Scenario Planning features enable space planners to evaluate multiple planning scenarios with interactive stacking and blocking tools including expansions, reorganizations, consolidations, re-configurations and unexpected events such as environmental disasters that can have a sudden and unanticipated impact on the operational readiness of facilities.

  • Evaluate multiple planning scenarios including associated costs
  • Manage a variety of scenarios such as expansions, contraction and reconfigurations
  • Ensure the quality of your plans with integrated space standards checking
  • Visualize your scenarios with interactive stacking and blocking
  • Pre-plan for drastic change brought on by unexpected events such as natural disasters

Support for Alternative Workspaces

Many modern organizations are adopting new approaches to workplace planning that have been enabled by mobile technologies and a highly dynamic workforce. These new approaches include flexible workspace, the ability to quickly support cross functional teams, more ad-hoc and collaborative areas, and support for flexible workspaces that break away from the practice of assigning one workstation peremployee. To address these changes, FM:Interact 8.2 introduces alternative workspace capabilities to the FM:Interact Space Management Module.

BOMA Area Calculations

Allows flexible support for classifying space by BOMA 1990, 1996, 2010A and 2010B standards for area calculation methods, including the ability to specify different methods for different buildings.

New Floor Plan Viewer

FM:Interact includes a new floor plan viewer which is fast, intuitive, and requires no special installation.

Extensibility Enhancements

FM:Interact Users and business partners can now take advantage of extensibility enhancements that enable organizations to extend the out-of-the-box capabilities of the FM:Interact System including new functions for user-defined controls and actions on data forms.

Improved BIM Integration

FM:Interact 8.2 provides customers with improved integration between the FM:Interact Workplace Management Suite and Autodesk® Revit®. This means building data can be made available to all stakeholders throughout the entire building lifecycle. With FM:Interact’s improved BIM integration, FM:Interact Customers can:

  • Make the most efficient use of real estate and significantly reduce costs with detailed space information from building models
  • Avoid the costly and time-consuming task of keeping an accurate equipment inventory
  • Quickly locate building equipment data and documents
  • Gain access to floor plans from Revit models enabling anyone in the organization to view floor